Blue Express

The Nutritious Menu


• Yogurt and Granola Cup
• Eggs and Whole Grain Toast
• Cereal (including Kashi and other whole grain cereals) with Low Fat Milk or Soy Milk
• Fresh Fruit

• Moroccan Lentil (vegan)
• Spicy Rice and Bean (vegan)
• Mushroom and Barley (vegan)

• Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
• Hummus and Grilled Vegetables
• Grilled Chicken Breast
• Hummus and Tabouli sandwich
• Black Bean Quesadillas
• Curried Cabbage with Roasted Vegetables (vegan)
• Vegetable stir-fry
• Mediterranean Salad - Grab & Go

• Vegetarian items include: vegetable pizza, Spanakopita, vegetarian salads such as roasted mushroom, veggie and feta, hummus, tabouli, grilled veggies, sandwich-of-the-day (offered on Tuesdays) is “Portobello Pita” | Entrees: curried cabbage, shiitake mushroom and tofu.
• Vegan items include: Hummus, Tabouli and grilled veggies whole wheat bread, pita, vegan salad or combo with soup | Entrees: curried cabbage, shiitake mushroom and tofu (with coconut milk and tomatoes).
• Daily specials: soup, veggie dish, regular entrée, and seafood option.
• Salad options are also available and noted on the board. Include a protein, chicken or beans and starch.
• You may request meals made without gluten-containing ingredients.
• Vegetarian soup daily, Vegan soup on Tuesday. Chicken is all natural.


Allergen Information





M-Th: 8a-3p
F: 8a-2p
Sa-Su: Closed


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