Dolce Vita

The Nutritious Menu


Location: French Science Center

• Turkey Pesto Wrap
• Lentil & Hummus Wrap
• Roast Beef and Chimichurri Pita
• Burritos: Chicken or Veggie
• Sandwiches: Turkey, Roast Beef, Chicken Salad, Ham

• Coconut Shrimp Salad
• Garden Salad
• Chopped Mexican Salad
• Cobb Salad
• Chicken Caesar Salad
• Chef Salad

• Yogurt Cup
• Fresh Fruit Cup/ Fresh Whole Fruit
• Clif Bar, Luna and Odwalla Bars
• Turkey Lettuce Wrap
• Esther’s Chickpea Salad
• Caprese Salad
• Black Bean Salad

• There are numerous vegetarian and vegan options available.
• Watch out for pastries, they are usually high in fat and sugar and tend to be much larger than one portion.
• Caution: burritos are very high in starch and may make you sleepy. For a balanced meal, you might want to eat half of one with a small salad or a piece of fruit.
• Sandwiches can be rather large. Consider eating half with a salad or fruit to round out your meal. Save the other half for later.
• Salads come with dressing on the side, so use only as much as you need. Remember that some fat is necessary to absorb nutrients.
• Visit the website for additional nutrition information.
• Think before you drink! Use the coffee tips listed on this website for the best choices.



Allergen Information



M-F: 8a-5p
Sa-Su: Closed


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