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NOTE - Menu is under construction and subject to change.

DURHAM MARKET - Protein (lean meats, poultry, or fish), vegetables, and a grain makes a balanced meal. Lean hand cut steaks and grilled fish offered on the weekends at dinner.
NU DEGREES - Classic grill featuring grass fed beef burgers, antibiotic free chicken sandwiches, vegetarian burgers and sandwiches and daily specials. Cooking oil is 100% nonhydrogenated canola oil and fries are trans-fat free. Top any sandwich with vegetables and pair with fruits for a balanced plate. Omelets made to order at breakfast. Vegetable stuffed omelets (regular or egg whites) paired with whole grain toast and fruit make a balanced meal.
PI - House-made dough with your favorite pizza toppings. Pair a slice of pizza with fruits and vegetables for a filling and balanced meal. Gluten free dough available. For lunch choose a pasta bake with whole grain pasta, vegetables and tomato-based sauces.
PACIFIC RIM - Made to order stir-fry. Load up on vegetables paired with lean protein and brown rice or soba noodles for a balanced plate.
EARTH’S FARE - Vegetarian and vegan cuisines. Pair plant-based protein, whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid items loaded with higher fat cheese or pair them in small amounts with leaner choices.
CUCINA - Build-to-order artisan deli at lunch and tossed-to-order pasta at dinner. When building a sandwich choose whole grain bread, lower fat spreads, and add vegetable toppings. At dinner, choose whole grain pasta; add healthy protein (lean meat or poultry, tofu or legumes) vegetables and tomato or olive oil-based sauces. Made without gluten pasta available – just ask!
STOCKPOTS - Warm soups made in-house daily. Choose broth-based soups that include grains, beans and vegetables. Pair soups with foods from other stations (salads, grains, vegetables) for a balanced meal. Look here for whole steel cut oats (real oatmeal) for a healthy breakfast.
GREENS - A salad bar and more that includes a huge selection of lettuces, fresh vegetables, beans, grains, toppings and dressings. Add a good source of protein (beans, legumes, cheese, tofu, tuna, ham, eggs) and a whole grain salad to balance your plate. Additionally, you can find a huge selection of fresh fruits, yogurt and whole grain salads for a refreshing treat at any meal.
CEREAL BAR - Choose higher fiber, lower sugar options such as bran flakes, raisin bran, and cheerios. Top with skim milk and fruit.

• All-you-care to eat breakfast and dinner café, retail café for lunch. Watch portions - start with a reasonable portion and go back only if you are still hungry.
• Use all of the stations to help build a nutritionally balanced plate that includes whole grains, fruits/ vegetables and lean protein.
• Look for menu labeling icons to help make decisions about your food choices.
• Most vegetable offerings at Durham Market and Earth’s fare are made without added butter or oil.
• Use the nutrition decals provided to identify vegetarian, vegan, made without gluten containing ingredients as well as more sustainable seafood, humane meats, and local farm to fork choices.
• Use the iPad at the entrance to look up menu ingredients and for food allergen identification.
Major 8 allergens will be listed in the name of the dish.
• Gluten Sensitive Individuals: There is an area designated to “Gluten Free” prepared foods such as bread, pizza dough, frozen meals and desserts. Other menu items “made without gluten containing ingredients” may be available as well however these items are not guaranteed to be “free” of all gluten.


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M-F: 7:30a-11a 12p-2:30p and 5p-9p
Sa-Su: 10a-2p 5p-9p


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