The Loop

The Nutritious Menu


• Cajun Fish Wrap
• All grilled fish sandwiches
• Spicy Black Bean Burger
• Turkey Burger on Whole-Wheat Bun
• Grilled Chicken Sandwich on Whole-Wheat Bun
• Portabello mushroom sandwich with sauce on the side if ordering with cheese
• Grilled Vegetable Sandwich
• Mediterranean Pizza
• Veggie Pizza
• Artichoke & Roasted Red Pepper Pizza
• Margherita Pizza
• Grilled Veggie Bowtie Pasta (add chicken)

• Crunchy Broccoli Salad
• Grilled Chicken Salad
• Southwest Chicken Salad
• Feta Mediterranean or Garden Salads with Chicken
• Grilled Veggie with Couscous Salad
• Asian Chicken Salad

• Fresh Fruit

• Whole wheat bread and “Made without gluten” options available.
• Add grilled chicken or fish to salads for extra protein and choose a lite or low fat dressing.
• Try steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, or a side salad as a side instead of fries or chips.
• Ask for the grilled fish options on the low-fat tortilla wrap.
• Ask for salad/wrap sauces on the side.
• You can switch the LOOP Burger for their Black Bean Burger.
• With pizza, order thin crust instead of thick crust, marinara based options instead of pesto-based sauce, and load it up with fresh vegetables and chicken. Pepperoni and sausage are high fat choices so opt for vegetables when possible.



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Sunday-Thursday: 11am-12am
Friday/Saturday: 11am-2am


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