Brainbuild Features & Testimonials

By the numbers

We send ~1 million health reminders a year to an institution of 550 members... completely automatically.

Here is how we do it.

Available Now - Brainbuild 1

In the last 4 months, our users have received over 60,000+ push notifications on Brainbuild 1 & counting!

A.I. Powered Schedule

Balanced Meals

Optimized Snacks


Real-time Coaching

Educational Explanations

Nutrition Guides


Coming July 2017 – Brainbuild 2

BB V2 - Schedule Screen Mockup.png

Live-Update Nutrient Timing

Your Personal Profile

Easy to Edit Schedule


In-App Onboarding

BB V2 - Schedule Screen Mockup.png

Personal Account Setup

Recurring Sleep Reminders


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Institution Branded

Custom Content

Custom Food Suggestions

We make your entire campus a fueling station and training table.

Premium Offerings:

  • Influence our product roadmap (Brainbuild Leadership Team Initiative)

  • Athlete schedule data processing & setup

  • Custom analytics & reporting

  • Digitize all legacy nutrition guides and content

  • Build and maintain standalone mobile app


  • Teamworks Calendar API


Why we want every athlete to have access to Brainbuild

*Due to NCAA Advertising and Promotional Guidelines, names must be omitted for current eligible varsity athletes.

Interested in getting a dietitian's perspective? Email Franca Alphin at franca.alphin [at] duke.edu