About Brainbuild


Proper nutrient timing regimens have been proven to help athletes improve energy levels, performance, recovery, focus, and weight management.

At Brainbuild, we have leveraged the expertise of our Board Certified Sports Dietitian staff, Certified and Licensed Registered Dietitian Advisory Board, to develop artificial intelligence technology that effortlessly customizes and applies the most optimal meal, snack, hydration, and sleep regimens designed to help athletes win more and be as healthy as they can be.


Real-Time Reminders

Never miss a meal and stay hydrated with our custom notifications throughout the day.

Optimize Your Workouts

Never forget to hydrate, fuel up, and recover to maximize what you gain out of each workout.

Stay Energized All Day

Athlete or not, properly timing your meals will help you stay energized and focused throughout the day.

Better Bedtimes

Less counting hours and more counting sheep. We'll calculate when you need to go to bed each night. Read on to see how!

Custom Nutrition & Hydration Schedule

Brainbuild analyzes every event in your schedule with the most advanced meal-timing AI in the world.

A Schedule For Each Day

View your unique health schedule that breaks down the best time windows for meals, snacks, hydration, and sleep.

Works Around Your Events

We find the most optimal times by working around your personal schedule: meetings, classes, events, & more.

Real-Time Update

The only product that optimizes your schedule with the accuracy of a dietitian whenever you add, edit, or delete events.


Your Personal Needs In Mind

Our artificial intelligence thrives on personalization, the more you tell Brainbuild, the smarter it becomes.

An Account Made For You

Make the app your own by customizing features such as sport, status, timezone, and which reminders you want to receive.

Adapts To Your Training Cycles

Always growing, our list of curated templates is yet another way to personalize your account.

Adjusts To Your Sleep

We schedule your day based on when you wake up, which you can set in advance or adjust every morning.


A Dietitian's Sidekick

We help dietitians impact more athletes and push out their already created content in a way that users love.

Custom Food Database

Categorize your organization's menu items on our app to manage your entire athlete & patient population at once.

Athlete's Plates

A simple breakdown of macronutrients help our users have a more balanced plate.

Nutrition Education

Easy to read educational pieces are offered alongside our suggestions for those who wish to learn more.


The Future of Nutrition

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  1. Machine learning software that gets smarter the more you use your account 🤖

  2. Unlimited meal, snack, hydration, and sleep scheduling 🍗🍓💧😴

  3. Access to our dietitian-curated food database (basic templates) 🍎

  4. Compatible with 593 time zones 🌎

  5. Ability to create a custom organization-specific food database* ✍️

  6. View Brainbuild calendars of all users via Google Calendar* 📅

  7. On call customer service, bi-/tri-weekly check-ins* 📞

* Brainbuild Leadership Team Initiative Offerings


Upon request:

  1. Teamworks Calendar API

  2. Google Calendar


Why we want every athlete to have access to Brainbuild

*Due to NCAA Advertising and Promotional Guidelines, names must be omitted for current eligible varsity athletes.

Interested in getting a dietitian's perspective? Email Franca Alphin at franca.alphin [at] duke.edu