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Available Now - Brainbuild 1

As of 4/9/17, we've planned and sent out reminders for 14,616 nutrition events and counting on Brainbuild 1 🚀

A.I. Powered Schedule

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Coming June 2017 – Brainbuild 2

The goal of Brainbuild 2 is to learn and get to know you better as you use it to help you plan out your health.

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Live-Update Nutrient Timing

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In-App Onboarding

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Custom Content

Custom Food Suggestions

We make your entire campus a fueling station and training table.

Premium Offerings:

  • Influence our product roadmap (Brainbuild Leadership Team Initiative)

  • Athlete schedule data processing & setup

  • Custom analytics & reporting

  • Digitize all legacy nutrition guides and content

  • Build and maintain standalone mobile app


  • Teamworks Calendar API


Why we want every athlete to have access to Brainbuild

  • Brainbuild is one of the most personalized apps I have ever used. As an athlete, I have to use it nearly every day to see just what I should be eating to perform at the highest level in my sport. The recommendations are wide-ranging, giving me lots of options in eating a balanced meal that is right for my training regimen. The user experience is top-notch, and with the native app that is coming down the pipeline, it can only get better. I am a firm believer that all athletes should be aware of their diet, as it is something that can make or break a season. Keep up the brainbuilding!
    — Division I Swimming Student-Athlete, Cornell University*
  • As a collegiate athlete with a significant learning disability, Brainbuild has enabled me to manage an otherwise unmanageable schedule. My typical day runs from 5am-12am and includes morning and afternoon practices, a 17 unit class load, daily training sessions, team meetings and studying by 11pm (if I’m lucky). I frequently found myself both mentally and physically exhausted by afternoon practice because I either forgot to eat or didn’t have sufficient time between classes and practice to eat. Brainbuild has resolved my mental and physical exhaustion by sending alerts that remind me to eat at the most opportune time of the day taking into account my specific schedule. I affectionately term Brainbuild my “Mom App.” Not only does it manage my specific schedule and nutritional needs, it takes the guess work out of meal prep by providing detailed dietary options. Additionally, I never have to worry about missing a class because it sends reminders that help redirect me back to class when I’m in route to my apartment for a nap.
    — Division I Track & Field Student-Athlete, UC Berkeley*
  • As a current Student-Athlete recovering from Tommy John Surgery, Brainbuild has played an essential role in my recovery and rehab plan. It has ensured that my body is receiving the proper nutrition, hydration and sleep everyday to best recover and train. With a full schedule of practices and classes, Brainbuild has helped me plan out my day and reminded me to properly fuel my body throughout the day so that I can perform to the best of my ability everyday. Brainbuild should be an available tool to all student-athletes as I believe it is an integral part of my training and everyday schedule.
    — Division I Baseball Student-Athlete, UC San Diego*
  • Brainbuild offers an exceptional product with unrivaled service, tackling the two most essential questions when it comes to fueling your body. What do I eat, and when do I do it? The life of a college athlete is a non-stop balancing act between academics, athletics, and possibly a social life. I all too often would lose track of time and not properly fuel myself, negatively affecting my performance come practice time. Joe and everyone at Brainbuild have helped create a clear schedule that not only fits best with my schedule but one that is made with my performance needs in mind. Especially with wrestling, a sport where maintain my weight is very important, having a very set schedule of my meals help keep me energized and focused throughout the day.
    — Division I Wrestling Student-Athlete, Cornell University*
  • As a student-athlete, Brainbuild’s comprehensive approach to nutrition and overall health fits perfectly into my busy and highly demanding schedule. From timing reminders to personalized meal suggestions, this app keeps me on track toward keeping my nutrition a top priority. Overall, Brainbuild has helped me fill the missing piece on my way toward fulfilling my athletic performance goals.
    — Division I Basketball Student-Athlete, UC San Diego*
  • My full class and training schedule often leads to 14 hour days before sitting down to do homework. Brainbuild helps me make sure that I’m fueling myself with the right foods at the right times to maximize performance without adding another task to my already crazy schedule.
    — Madison Bradshaw, Professional Equestrian
  • I love using the calendar!! With being able to see my schedule with classes, rowing, eating, and other appointments, I am able to stay on my A game on and off the water. Sometimes when I get stressed I forget to eat, and if I do eat I just stress eat. With this calendar I am reminded when I need to eat and what I should be eating- it’s a super helpful tool that allows me to go about my day without thinking too much of what I need to do.
    — Johanna Burstein, Former Division I Rower, Duke University
  • Nutrition has always been a priority of mine, but it’s a constant challenge to remain healthy while relying on on-campus food vendors and managing a chaotic student-athlete schedule. Brainbuild incorporates health priorities with everything else going on throughout my day, making it easy to time meals and snacks, and identify healthy options at on campus restaurants. Now more than ever, I feel completely in control of my nutrition.
    — Kiera Molloy, Former Division I Distance Swimmer, Duke University
  • Brainbuild was vital in changing my nutritional patterns. I wanted to change my eating habits to improve my performance, but was struggling to keep track of what and when I was eating. Brainbuild simplified the process and set me on the right track.
    — Division I Fencing Student-Athlete, Duke University*
  • Sports nutrition is far too often overlooked. Brainbuild makes it easier than ever to find healthy eating options on campus with a busy schedule, helping athletes stay fueled all day.
    — Division I Fencing Student-Athlete, Duke University*
  • Brainbuild has been incredibly helpful to me. As a student-athlete, balancing work, school, and athletics is tough. To me, it is important that I maintain a regular schedule and a nutritious diet so that I can perform at my best in these aspects of my life. Brainbuild has helped me to do just that! The app was very easy to set up and is completely customized to my own personal school, work, and training schedule. It keeps me on track with it reminders to fuel up, stay hydrated, and get the proper rest I need. My favourite part is that it gives me dozens of examples of healthy and easy snacks and meals, for when I’m lacking inspiration in the kitchen. I would recommend this app not only to student-athletes, but to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their overall health and fitness!
    — Division I Soccer Student-Athlete, Mount Royal University*
  • As an student-athlete, I consider food my fuel for performance. It is hard to find time in my hectic schedule to eat. Brainbuild plans my meals around my busy schedule and offers me food suggestions for my athletic diet. This app is a great tool to ensure that I fuel myself for high level performance every day.
    — Division I Soccer Student-Athlete, Mount Royal University*
*Due to NCAA Advertising and Promotional Guidelines, names must be omitted for current eligible varsity athletes.

Interested in getting a dietitian's perspective? Email Franca Alphin at franca.alphin [at] duke.edu