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Scheduling the best times for your meals, snacks, hydration, and sleep each day.

The only dietitian-backed meal timing AI, for champions.

What we do

Brainbuild enables you to leverage a dietitian's expertise to reach peak performance. Improve your

Through a customized food schedule that is dynamically generated every day.


Automated Scheduling

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Daytime / Nighttime Snacks
Pre-Workout Fuel
Post-Workout Recovery
Sleep Reminders
Calendar Events

We analyze your calendar, sleep, and training schedules, to calculate the most optimal time windows. Schedule changed? Brainbuild automatically adjust intelligently.

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Real-Time Reminders

The key difference between Brainbuild and existing nutrition apps is that while most apps track what you have already done, Brainbuild actually tells you what to do and adapts intelligently to your day-to-day needs.

We give dietitians superpowers and save ~77.5 hours/week*


*Hours a week needed to replicate our automated reminders manually.
(~ average DI organization with 509 members, 10.7 s/SMS message)


Personalized Food Suggestions

Each event push notification is linked to food suggestions with the right nutritional combination, so all you'll need to do is pick from the list. No more thinking or guessing.

Curated only by Board Certified Sports Dietitians:

Weight Gain / Loss
Injury / Surgery Recovery
Concussion Recovery
Long-Distance Cardio (>25 miles/week)
Low / Moderate / High Intensity Training
General Health Management
Custom Template (Registered Dietitians only)



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